Shenberger Technology


Dennis Shenberger

Dennis Shenberger currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Shenberger Technology located in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Shenberger launched this company in 2010 to provide application and database development, computer forensics services, premise security, and other IT and security solutions.

Since 2010, Mr. Shenberger has been engaged as an IT consultant by Freeh Group International Solutions, LLC.  Mr. Shenberger develops networks and case management databases for investigators, manages security and encryption, implements file management systems and eDiscovery tools, provides end-user support and security, and assists with IT-related interviews for FGIS investigations. Major projects have included cases for Penn State, FIFA, and the Asian Football Confederation. Most recently, he has worked on the BP Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims project, providing auditing and integral hands-on support for a system-wide upgrade to the claims processing system, as well as developing a data and case management system for investigative review of thousands of claims and millions of records of state transaction and licensing data that is in continual use by the claims program.

Mr. Shenberger studied Computer Science at Bob Jones University.  After his studies, he worked at a local computer services firm performing network and computer system installations. In 1998, he became part owner of Mercersburg Printing, his family’s printing and marketing company in Mercersburg, PA where he quickly took over the technical aspects of the company including building network systems and servers, creating web sites, managing customer databases, and developing business applications. He continued to expand his technical expertise in the areas of forensics and eDiscovery.

Additionally, Mr. Dennis Shenberger developed document security and document management applications which are currently being used by hundreds of businesses internationally. He  is A+ and Mobility+ certified and fluent in SQL, Java, Python, Django, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Duane Shenberger

Duane Shenberger currently serves as President of Shenberger Technology and CISO of Mercersburg Printing, in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.  As Vice President, he manages security and network audits and installation of security, surveillance, and access control systems. In addition, Mr. Shenberger oversees compliance, security, and process improvement for more than 50 employees.

Mr. Shenberger received his bachelor degree summa cum laude in Technical Management from DeVry University in 2004.

Prior to joining Shenberger Technology, Mr. Shenberger enjoyed a 16-year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Philadelphia. After ten years as an Electronics Technician he was promoted to Associate Chief Security Officer. His responsibilities as an Electronics Technician included managing and maintaining division-wide LAN and WAN equipment and security, implementing and managing multiple highly technical and sophisticated access control, intrusion detection, and video monitoring systems. He also led development and deployment teams of Contract and Government employees in upgrading computer and access control systems to state-of-the-art systems. 

During his tenure as Associate Chief Security Officer, Mr. Shenberger served as the Principal Relief to the Chief Security Officer, managing a squad of ten individuals, and responsible for all aspects of security, (Information, Physical, Personnel, Industrial, and Operations) for approximately 600 employees, 200 task force and contractor personnel, and approximately 14 off-site locations. As part of his duties, he conducted over 200 applicant and employee interviews. 

He also served as the Information Systems Security Officer for the Division and ensured Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance.  At the request of FBI Headquarters, Mr. Shenberger authored elements of a national level FBI Information Security Policy based upon DOJ, OMB, NIST, and FIPS guidance and requirements. He later conducted audits of the overall security posture of the Boston Field Office, Pittsburgh Field Office, and Baltimore Field Offices.

Mr. Shenberger routinely prepared briefings and provided subject matter guidance to the Philadelphia FBI Executive Management team, including close coordination with the Chief Division Counsel and regularly liaised with members of the Intelligence Community, DoD, other Federal agencies, state, and local agencies, and private sector partners, providing expert advice and training on various security-related topics.